Faithfully Ready For God’s Will

I'm a 64 year old married women named Julie, who recently retired last July! My husband Randy and I love God, our adult children (5) with spouses and grandchildren (10) and enjoy traveling around the United States with our Goldwing friends. Like everyone, this past year has been traumatic with Covid and surviving 2 major Hurricanes (we live in SW Louisiana)! We have been home bound way to long so we decided to get back to nature. We live in the country and have about an acre of land, which is ample for our needs. This March and April we have been busy planting and starting to raise chickens. Being retired comes with a limited income so we are trying to offset the increasing cost of groceries with our own produce. So far so good...tomatoes, bell peppers, radishes, beets, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, purple hull peas, crook-neck squash and zucchini all planted...some actually starting to produce!

Why am I starting this blog? I love to write and record events in my life...especially spiritual and family related. I would like to share my views with others and get feedback from them as well. I am learning this process so bear with me. More to follow...

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